Out and About in Winnipeg

Last night, my hubby and I went out to a fundraiser art auction for Timeraiser.ca, an organization that holds events for non-profits and charities to match up causes with volunteers with appropriate skills. My hubby’s childhood friend, Paul Gagnon was overseeing the even at Hydro Place, and though we were only able to attend the second half of it, I would say it went quite well. I enjoyed the tasty appetizers and the showcase of art, as well as speaking with some of the different organizations that were there, including Elaine from CYBF – Canadian Youth Business Foundation who gave me a pointers about getting information for business start up. The people were very friendly, plus it was a chance for my hubby and I to hang out with friends, something we don’t do enough. It was a nice evening overall, ending with a cozy drink and appis at Rudy’s Eat and Drink (in the same building). I must say, I half expected the prices to be crazy given it’s location downtown, but we were pleasantly surprised the food was fairly priced with generous portions and very tasty! I would definitely go back again. My one complaint, which isn’t really a complaint more than an observation, is that the washrooms are a little crazy to get into. You go behind a glass wall to get to them which is see through from the side of the washrooms, but not see through on the other side, and there’s a wall of wood panels, and doors with the same wood panels which blend right in to the wall. There are no door knobs or handles or signs that say push or pull on them so it’s confusing at first to figure out how the doors open or where they begin, except there’s a small metal circle on each door that says, “Vacant” to let you know that no one’s in there. Strange? Yes. I’ve never seen doors like this. Needless to say, I found out you push on the metal circle to open the door lol! So funny! I joked with one of our friends that this is why moms don’t go out – (we just end up getting embarassed or have weird struggles like this). We laughed quite a bit over this. But it felt good to get out of the house even though it took me way to long to figure out what I was going to wear (at first I was going to wear something plain jane but then my hubby was wearing a nice blazer and shirt and I didn’t want to look out of place so I hurried to find something a little more dressy but not too fancy). Anyhoo, I’m so glad the evening turned out; we all had a nice visit with friends, Timeraiser.ca raised many volunteer hours for the organizations there, and a bunch of artists got paid for their artwork. Oh, and I got a  job, which I start on Monday! Yay! Happy Mom!

Hope you all have a splendid day!