Loud Songs

Hello Moms,

Wow, it’s been a loud couple of days, lol! I just recently got a free kid’s karaoke tape player/radio from a friend of mine, and yesterday I was able to track down a variable DC adapter from the thrift shop. Now I am inundated with loud music at every turn, along with kids shouting into the attached microphone, like a rock star. Yup, I know, I asked for it – I enabled them so what should I expect, right? I honestly don’t mind except when the kids wake up at the crack of dawn and blast the music right below our bedroom. Can you say, tired? Lol! That’s one way to wake up I suppose. ;p But it is cute how they both have gotten so into it, but moreso that my oldest has, as he isn’t usually the singing type, but he really enjoys hearing his own voice echo throughout the livingroom. So I made a compromise and said he could play it in his room, which isn’t that much further from our bedroom but at least there’s some buffer. *grins* It’s the least I can do for my two loveable children who really enjoy music. That and I get to listen to some old tapes of mine that bring back memories of my own childhood. And one day perhaps I can say, Yes I supported you even at the beginning of your music careers. Lol!

On another note, the boys have now decided that they would like to come and interrupt my blogging session by fighting in our room, so I gotta run! *pulls on her roller skates* Thanks for listening! Feel free to comment if you have anything similar going on in your house.