Tough Times But God is Near

Welcome Dear Reader,

How’s life going on in your part of the world? Do you have a story to tell? If so, do you have a blog? Where is it at? I have all these questions and so little time as it’s bed time lol, but you can leave a comment if you wish and I can check it out later! 🙂 The more the merrier as they say…

As for me, well, summer’s been interesting… and tough. I must say, after being off work (outside the home) for two years, it takes some getting used to. I worked all the time at home of course, but now, with working later hours than I was used to before, and getting used to new responsibilities and a new schedule, I know it’s been taxing on my whole family. The kids for instance – they have been acting up more, and I’m sure part of that is due in part to my being away from home. They are used to me making them their lunch, taking them to the park, doing crafts or playing games etc., but now they must get used to doing things on their own, or with Daddy, though he works from home so it’s not too good for him in terms of getting things done. I know it’s hard on him too, as he’s used to me helping the kids out while he works and now he’s constantly interrupted. That’s part of the struggle with working from home with a family, but sadly few people really understand how hard it is. I appreciate that he can do it, because I know for myself, I find it difficult to concentrate on anything when the kids are around, playing, shouting, running around (and I usually end up feeling guilty doing my own thing, ignoring them). I need to wait until they’re in bed to do stuff that requires thinking, but by then I’m usually out to lunch as my brain says, “Okay, you’ve worked the whole day, now it’s time to shut ‘er down!” I’m sure you can at least relate to that little bit. And don’t even get me started on doing math at night, lol! I’ve tried to help my hubby with taxes, but late in the evening never works very well for me, but sadly that’s the only time I have to help out with this stuff. Let’s just say, its been trying. On top of other things, it’s been a rough summer, but I’m still thankful for all that I have, including a job, as it took 3+ solid months of job searching to finally find something, which is odd for me, but a sign of the times we live in. I know that God will use me in my new position, and He already has. Now I just need to adjust to the new type of atmosphere. It’s different being in ministry. I must say I’m not used to it yet, because this is my first real (paid) job for God, and it’s different than what I’m used to. However, it’s been good, just getting busier by the day, which is awesome, but now I need to practice balance and taking my breaks as I know that it’s good for my health and necessary. ;p That’s just the workaholic side of me stepping in, and my customer service ideals, but this girl has to start looking out for her own health too! Hopefully doing some exercise, and getting back into some personal projects will help with balance – that and spending time with God. Have a great week everyone, and don’t give up; God is with you!!

On another note, my hubby and I have finally been finishing up some TV series’s on Netflix – so far, 24 (a long time coming), BBC’s Robin Hood (well done!), and the Netflix season of Arrested Development (was nice to re-visit the family but felt like more could have been done at the end). Now we’re continuing the 4400, which is a neat series to be sure. Gotta love late night TV time. But morning comes too soon! ;p

Many Blessings,


Teach Them While They’re Young

Hello Readers,

I’ve been so busy with my new job, just learning the ropes and getting used to working outside the home again so it’s been an adjustment for my family, including learning to take it easy a bit with the chores. I work all day and just can’t finish everything on the list when I get home. So my hubby and I have been teaching our kids to help out more, as not only is it good for us parents, but it’s also good to teach them responsibility and the value of helping out. I never had to do much as a kid so I was pretty lazy and spoiled, not in a monetary way (quite the opposite), but in the way that I didn’t have to learn to do chores. Now that I’m a parent I want my children to know that it’s good to help out Mom and Dad, and to learn how to do this stuff now so when they are older it won’t be even harder to teach them. Yup. gotta start somewhere right? They are both old enough to make their beds, clean up their rooms (sometimes with help for organizing), and to pick up after themselves. They like to help in the garden, with weeding or raking, and sometimes with vacuuming or sweeping in the house. It usually helps too if you offer to give them a “star” on the white board. In our house, that means they get 10 cents at the end of the week. It adds up pretty fast if they help out every day, and teaches them the value of money. I set up “chore day” for Saturdays, so every weekend their rooms get organized/cleaned up once for sure as during the week it’s pretty hectic sometimes so that goes on the backburner.

DSCF1599My youngest just played his last game of soccer for the season the other day. It was a fun game and season. Ah… soccer. Now that it’s over for a while, I’ll have 2 new evenings freed up to do other things, like relax! ;p What does that word mean? Hrmm… not sure, never been good at it as a parent lol! But I’m trying, and that has to count for something right?


The Importance of Dreams

This morning I was having a most interesting, and character revealing dream, and I guess it had to do with what’s been on my mind lately – finances. As with most Christmases, this is an expensive time of year, and of course adding bills to pay to that, it’s always trying to make things stretch further. And with a family of four, that’s not always easy. Along with different debts to clear off, I’ve been thinking of going back to work to help out my hubby, but I’m not quite sure yet where I plan to work – or rather, where God wants me to be. However, this all managed to sneak into my dreams – of course – last night.

I dreamt that I for some reason I was walking around a hospital, when I happened to walk by an open area (or station) where people were working to clean up visitor’s and patient’s outfits that got stained for one reason or another. It doesn’t make sense in reality that there would be such a thing, but in my dream it made sense. So of course, my thoughts kicking in, I said to myself, “I wonder if I would be able to do this job?” Then, remarkably, someone saw me standing there, and asked me to get to work, thinking I was one of the new people. So I thought, “There’s no harm in trying it, at least I’ll figure out if I can do the job. It’s a learning opportunity.” Of course I knew it was wrong, because I was telling a lie in my dream, but it’s one of those “white lies” people try to get away with sometimes, but of course, more would happen.

I stood there, and people would come up to me holding a garment by a wash station, and ask me if I could help them remove different stains. So I again pretended I worked there, and was helping them out. Then I thought, “This is easy! So why do people even need to go to school to get hospital jobs? I could do this.” I was thinking how there’s so much red tape to get a job these days, and how in the end, a piece of paper that you spend 3 or 4 years getting, doesn’t always amount to much, but yet, people can be totally qualified to work somewhere otherwise and not get the job because of that one piece of paper. I also thought, “Hmm… hospital pay is better than other places sometimes.” I noticed how well I got along with everyone, and how they seemed to like me, which are big pluses to working anywhere for any length of time so I felt good about that (as I’ve worked with both people who don’t like me for whatever reason, so are mean to me – not kidding – and with those who do, so are extra nice and act normal around me, which is always wonderful, but I always try my best to be helpful in either case). I also enjoyed the fact that people were asking me for help, which I also enjoy, I guess I like to feel useful, though part of that stems from different self-esteem issues ingrained in me a long time ago – I’m working on that too with God’s help. Things were going great so I kept working.

Then to make matters worse, someone came by and started chatting with someone off to the side about it being their birthday tomorrow, and as they walked off, I guess one of the hospital workers near me overheard them, but thought it was me who said it. So they said to me, Have a “Happy Birthday tomorrow,” (or something like that). So I felt a tinge of guilt for not saying anything, but again, it was a “minor” lie, (when in reality all lies are just as bad to God). So after a while, I went elsewhere for the day (can’t remember where), but I ended up coming back the next day or later in the day, as in dreams time shifts happen constantly so you’re never quite sure what time it’s supposed to be. And as I was walking into the hospital, going down some steps, I noticed some large advertisement-type photo stickers someone had arranged on them, each step progressively getting bigger as I went down. The first few I noticed said, “Happy Birthday!” on them and had a big photo of one of the hospital workers on it. So as I’m walking down them, looking at all these faces, I was in half-shock as I came to the last step down and saw my own face with a huge, “Happy Birthday!” sign. Boy did I feel ashamed at this point, as someone went to all this trouble to make me feel special by giving me the biggest picture and sign of all the people and I just started “working” there. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being, and here I was lying to them by being there. And there’s more – as I walked up to the front desk for the ward, to check in to work, the lady there handed me a beautiful, bright blue plush robe with a cute penguin embroidered on it (or something like that), and a plush towel, also embroidered, and said it was a gift to me for my birthday. Well, now I felt even more bad! I took them with a smile, still in shock, but as I started to walk around looking for my station, I felt super guilty. Then I finally found the area where I worked earlier or the other day, and there were people in lab coats spraying some kind of bright orange chemical around the area and a lady came up to me wondering what I wanted and I said I was there to work, but none of my co-workers were there and I was confused. Then she looked at me weird and said she would check her schedule to see if I was supposed to come in, but she thought I should know not to come in as people were working on something to fix the area today. I then decided to sit down in a chair near a basement door to wait. And of course, as I was sitting there, my mom, who in real life worked for hospitals before, walked in and started talking to someone there. Then of course she looked down at me and asked what I was doing here, thinking I was ill or something. I again had to lie about it (I can’t remember what I said), then I left the room. I felt bad for lying again, and in my dream it was almost pay day, and I really didn’t want them to pay me (even though in reality they couldn’t without all my info), so I decided to write a note of apology and to admit that I didn’t work there. As I was walking around, I got lost and ended up in a huge office area (not kidding – as big as the hospital itself). And there were a million computers on tiny desks scattered throughout several rooms, everyone busy working. I was wearing a white scarf and felt cold on my head so decided to wrap it around my head a bit. Next thing I know, a group of doctors is walking past a doorway and notices me with my scarf, and they start to run after me, so I run too. They yell, “Escaped patient!” as they point toward me. I quickly try to explain to someone beside me that it’s all a mistake, as I quickly unwrap my scarf, though the doctors are ready to force me into a hospital room, so I race away, and thankfully get away. At that point I had had enough and found a piece of paper where I wrote out my confession. I found a manager, and as I handed him the note, I told him I had a confession to make and wanted to clear things up. In my dream, I even accidentally stepped on his shoe, and he tripped, then the tip of his fancy leather shoe came off, plus he hurt himself, so I felt even more bad, (as I sometimes feel so clumsy or idiotic), but he started to read my letter. I was so afraid of what might happen, but at this point I knew one lesson here was that it was better to live in truth than in lies. It didn’t matter how small the lie was, whether for a good reason, (as we like to convince ourselves), or bad as the small lies can turn into bigger lies, and the more people lie, the more complicated things get. And this can count for any sin issue in our lives; it doesn’t help anything to go against God’s Word, we only end up in hot water, (no pun intended). I also felt like I had to justify my lie by pointing out in my letter that I was doing it to try to help out my family, by trying to find a place where I could work for good pay, hoping for mercy, but again, I felt convicted on that too, as God is the one who provides the job, wherever it may be, I just need to rely on Him and His Timing. I was hoping for some sympathy perhaps. I don’t know. Either way, I knew that there was a lesson here, and when I woke up this morning I felt compelled to share this, regardless of how it may make others look at me differently (or not), as it’s a bit revealing about my character and different things. I can hope that someone reading this gets the point I’m trying to get across – no matter what the issue(s), or how bad the circumstance, it is not right to go against whatever God has planned for us, it is much better to follow Him. No matter what the ‘mini-perks’ may seem to be along the way, nothing is better than walking the straight and narrow. And I can say for myself, as I’ve journeyed in my Christian walk so far, a good 5 years at least, I’ve had some hard learning to do in different areas, things I never thought I’d have to deal with, but God showed me, that yes, it was important to deal with them, and that things always improve with each step I take toward Him. I just need to keep raising my head from facing the ground, to facing the Son. Amen.

P.S. – If there’s anything you’d like to share about your own walk with the Lord, or if you would like someone to pray for you, feel free to drop me a line either at the bottom of this post, or contact me via email at fuzzsociety at gmail dot com. Thanks!