Getting Back on Track

Hi Readers,

How’s your week going? Good? Bad? So-so? I’ve had a busy week, and while it was good for the most part, I’m glad its the weekend, this mama needs to relax lol! So yeah, while I’m talking about my week, I just wanted to share with all of you something that’s been helping my family feel better – Melaleuca. I’ve been a customer of theirs for over a month, and in that short time, I’ve noticed many little things that have helped make our lives better. One thing – vitamins. I’ve had different stomach pains off and on the previous months, but after taking their vitamins the past 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve noticed how those pains have gone away… interesting. Also, I’ve been using their Mela-gel on mosquito bites and it helps take the itch away for the kids and I, which is handy, especially because not everyone carries other natural mixes with them in their purse – this fits nicely into my bag and works! And another thing that I suffer from has been sore feet. I think its back related, hence why I must get back into Pilates, but tonight I had some friends over for a presentation on Melaleuca (which they love!), and I decided to try some of their menthol rub on my foot just cuz and what do you know? Within 2-3 minutes of using it, my pain is gone is and my foot is relaxed! Wow, me and my friend both tried this tonight on sore spots and noticed how fast the pain was gone (anyone with tendonitis would benefit)! I’ve tried using Rub-A-535 and other stuff and if it works it usually would take like 15 to 20 minutes to do anything. I am stunned. I’ve also been enjoying washing my hair with their salon quality shampoos as my hair has never been so soft feeling; I’ve noticed and my friend has noticed how we’ve each been playing with our hair all the time lol! And the list goes on and on. Quite amazed at how all these little things make me happy, but they do. And I’m also happy that my friends and family can share in the benefits of it. I’m excited to be doing something good for the environment as well for my family and friends, something that I’ve always been passionate about, and now can share with others. If anyone wants to see more or has a success story they want to share with me, I’m open to that as well. After all, we could all benefit from getting back on track. 🙂

Until Next Post,