Voice of the Martyrs (VOM Canada)

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM Canada)

This morning as I was reading through one of my Voice of the Martyrs magazines, (which my hubby and I subscribe to in order to stay in touch with what’s happening to Christians around the world), I felt led to share this with all of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It seems to me that in North America anyway, many of us are unaware of the terrors that are taking place elsewhere – especially with the Body of Christ, and that is disturbing. Considering that we are called to pray for all those who are persecuted, how can we do this if we do not know about them? Yes, we hear of news stories here and there, but for the most part, with the media, they only show whatever is approved by those in charge. We do not hear about all the Christians who are threatened on a daily basis, sometimes beaten, tortured, imprisoned for years on end, and basically stripped of everything they have. I think as Christians we need to be aware of what is happening in the world or else how can we help those who are helpless? Believe me, I’m in just as much of a bubble as anyone else, so this message is for me too. Sometimes I think we are too preoccupied with all of the day-to-day stuff, that we cannot look past ourselves, so it can be a challenge to even remember to pray for others, but we must. There is so much despair in this world as it is, and as followers of Christ, we need to reach out to our brethren so that they can continue to spread the Word of God, support their families, and stay strong throughout their trials. I know we each face our own problems, that is true, however, how many of us can actually say we’ve faced threats of imprisonment or death for our faith? Not too many I imagine. And that makes me thankful, both for our safety, but also for the boldness that others have shown in the face of danger. To keep one’s eye on the Lord throughout persecution takes faith and strength and courage. And I know that every letter people write to the persecuted, every prayer, and every donation to VOM is appreciated and felt by those in trouble. That is why it is crucial that we make a stand for Christ by standing with those in danger. We are not to renounce our faith in Christ, no matter the circumstance, and I am encouraged when I see that Christ prevails in all these situations, as God’s Word truly cannot be chained. It is alive and will continue to make a difference in the world. Now let us do our part.

There are many ministries you can help out with, but why not check out this website and find out how you can help fellow Christians – there are many ways, and every bit helps. Why not take a few minutes to pray today for those in trouble, and send them some love?



The Importance of Dreams

This morning I was having a most interesting, and character revealing dream, and I guess it had to do with what’s been on my mind lately – finances. As with most Christmases, this is an expensive time of year, and of course adding bills to pay to that, it’s always trying to make things stretch further. And with a family of four, that’s not always easy. Along with different debts to clear off, I’ve been thinking of going back to work to help out my hubby, but I’m not quite sure yet where I plan to work – or rather, where God wants me to be. However, this all managed to sneak into my dreams – of course – last night.

I dreamt that I for some reason I was walking around a hospital, when I happened to walk by an open area (or station) where people were working to clean up visitor’s and patient’s outfits that got stained for one reason or another. It doesn’t make sense in reality that there would be such a thing, but in my dream it made sense. So of course, my thoughts kicking in, I said to myself, “I wonder if I would be able to do this job?” Then, remarkably, someone saw me standing there, and asked me to get to work, thinking I was one of the new people. So I thought, “There’s no harm in trying it, at least I’ll figure out if I can do the job. It’s a learning opportunity.” Of course I knew it was wrong, because I was telling a lie in my dream, but it’s one of those “white lies” people try to get away with sometimes, but of course, more would happen.

I stood there, and people would come up to me holding a garment by a wash station, and ask me if I could help them remove different stains. So I again pretended I worked there, and was helping them out. Then I thought, “This is easy! So why do people even need to go to school to get hospital jobs? I could do this.” I was thinking how there’s so much red tape to get a job these days, and how in the end, a piece of paper that you spend 3 or 4 years getting, doesn’t always amount to much, but yet, people can be totally qualified to work somewhere otherwise and not get the job because of that one piece of paper. I also thought, “Hmm… hospital pay is better than other places sometimes.” I noticed how well I got along with everyone, and how they seemed to like me, which are big pluses to working anywhere for any length of time so I felt good about that (as I’ve worked with both people who don’t like me for whatever reason, so are mean to me – not kidding – and with those who do, so are extra nice and act normal around me, which is always wonderful, but I always try my best to be helpful in either case). I also enjoyed the fact that people were asking me for help, which I also enjoy, I guess I like to feel useful, though part of that stems from different self-esteem issues ingrained in me a long time ago – I’m working on that too with God’s help. Things were going great so I kept working.

Then to make matters worse, someone came by and started chatting with someone off to the side about it being their birthday tomorrow, and as they walked off, I guess one of the hospital workers near me overheard them, but thought it was me who said it. So they said to me, Have a “Happy Birthday tomorrow,” (or something like that). So I felt a tinge of guilt for not saying anything, but again, it was a “minor” lie, (when in reality all lies are just as bad to God). So after a while, I went elsewhere for the day (can’t remember where), but I ended up coming back the next day or later in the day, as in dreams time shifts happen constantly so you’re never quite sure what time it’s supposed to be. And as I was walking into the hospital, going down some steps, I noticed some large advertisement-type photo stickers someone had arranged on them, each step progressively getting bigger as I went down. The first few I noticed said, “Happy Birthday!” on them and had a big photo of one of the hospital workers on it. So as I’m walking down them, looking at all these faces, I was in half-shock as I came to the last step down and saw my own face with a huge, “Happy Birthday!” sign. Boy did I feel ashamed at this point, as someone went to all this trouble to make me feel special by giving me the biggest picture and sign of all the people and I just started “working” there. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being, and here I was lying to them by being there. And there’s more – as I walked up to the front desk for the ward, to check in to work, the lady there handed me a beautiful, bright blue plush robe with a cute penguin embroidered on it (or something like that), and a plush towel, also embroidered, and said it was a gift to me for my birthday. Well, now I felt even more bad! I took them with a smile, still in shock, but as I started to walk around looking for my station, I felt super guilty. Then I finally found the area where I worked earlier or the other day, and there were people in lab coats spraying some kind of bright orange chemical around the area and a lady came up to me wondering what I wanted and I said I was there to work, but none of my co-workers were there and I was confused. Then she looked at me weird and said she would check her schedule to see if I was supposed to come in, but she thought I should know not to come in as people were working on something to fix the area today. I then decided to sit down in a chair near a basement door to wait. And of course, as I was sitting there, my mom, who in real life worked for hospitals before, walked in and started talking to someone there. Then of course she looked down at me and asked what I was doing here, thinking I was ill or something. I again had to lie about it (I can’t remember what I said), then I left the room. I felt bad for lying again, and in my dream it was almost pay day, and I really didn’t want them to pay me (even though in reality they couldn’t without all my info), so I decided to write a note of apology and to admit that I didn’t work there. As I was walking around, I got lost and ended up in a huge office area (not kidding – as big as the hospital itself). And there were a million computers on tiny desks scattered throughout several rooms, everyone busy working. I was wearing a white scarf and felt cold on my head so decided to wrap it around my head a bit. Next thing I know, a group of doctors is walking past a doorway and notices me with my scarf, and they start to run after me, so I run too. They yell, “Escaped patient!” as they point toward me. I quickly try to explain to someone beside me that it’s all a mistake, as I quickly unwrap my scarf, though the doctors are ready to force me into a hospital room, so I race away, and thankfully get away. At that point I had had enough and found a piece of paper where I wrote out my confession. I found a manager, and as I handed him the note, I told him I had a confession to make and wanted to clear things up. In my dream, I even accidentally stepped on his shoe, and he tripped, then the tip of his fancy leather shoe came off, plus he hurt himself, so I felt even more bad, (as I sometimes feel so clumsy or idiotic), but he started to read my letter. I was so afraid of what might happen, but at this point I knew one lesson here was that it was better to live in truth than in lies. It didn’t matter how small the lie was, whether for a good reason, (as we like to convince ourselves), or bad as the small lies can turn into bigger lies, and the more people lie, the more complicated things get. And this can count for any sin issue in our lives; it doesn’t help anything to go against God’s Word, we only end up in hot water, (no pun intended). I also felt like I had to justify my lie by pointing out in my letter that I was doing it to try to help out my family, by trying to find a place where I could work for good pay, hoping for mercy, but again, I felt convicted on that too, as God is the one who provides the job, wherever it may be, I just need to rely on Him and His Timing. I was hoping for some sympathy perhaps. I don’t know. Either way, I knew that there was a lesson here, and when I woke up this morning I felt compelled to share this, regardless of how it may make others look at me differently (or not), as it’s a bit revealing about my character and different things. I can hope that someone reading this gets the point I’m trying to get across – no matter what the issue(s), or how bad the circumstance, it is not right to go against whatever God has planned for us, it is much better to follow Him. No matter what the ‘mini-perks’ may seem to be along the way, nothing is better than walking the straight and narrow. And I can say for myself, as I’ve journeyed in my Christian walk so far, a good 5 years at least, I’ve had some hard learning to do in different areas, things I never thought I’d have to deal with, but God showed me, that yes, it was important to deal with them, and that things always improve with each step I take toward Him. I just need to keep raising my head from facing the ground, to facing the Son. Amen.

P.S. – If there’s anything you’d like to share about your own walk with the Lord, or if you would like someone to pray for you, feel free to drop me a line either at the bottom of this post, or contact me via email at fuzzsociety at gmail dot com. Thanks!



Learning to Be Me


How is your weekend so far? Mine has been pretty exhausting but in a good way, just happy that things are getting done including kicking my own butt to get in shape again. ;p But that’s for another blog entry… What I want to express today is my sheer thanks to God that I am me, and no one else. Not in a big headed kind of way, (as anyone who knows me can easily vouch for me), I am learning that it’s okay to be myself. May sound silly to many people, as I am an adult and should already have discovered that a long time ago. But unfortunately as happens in many people’s lives, sometimes we let past failures, bad comments, or our own fears control us into thinking we have to just be like everyone else – as in dress like everyone else, do our hair like everyone else, talk like everyone else and like what everyone else likes, when in fact that is so not true. Even as a Mommy blogger, I feel compelled to make my blog look like everyone else’s blog, but I am forcing myself to just make it the way I want to, as I would be giving in to yet more people pleasing. Well, you can follow me along in this adventure of life, as I learn to be myself, and not to rely on my own strength or talents, but to go where the Lord leads me. Yes, it’s true I’m Christian, and I am happy to be so. Do not let me intimidate you, but rather share what I have learned in my walk so far and what I keep learning in my walk with God.

As our pastor pointed out today, we all have failed in many areas, but God has plans for each of us, and we need to keep getting up when we fall. It’s not the falling that should be our focus, as everyone falls at some point, but it should be our getting back up that we should make sure we focus on and asking God for His Strength and Guidance. But I digress, what I want to share with all of you is that indeed, I will not always agree with your choices, and you will not always agree with mine, however, can we agree that when someone makes a statement about something that is important to them, to try to avoid knocking that other person’s opinion? It’s quite easy actually, it’s called listening. I need to work on listening and not interrupting too, so I’m not perfect. But since I have trouble expressing myself without feeling bad about it after, can we agree that we are all different which is fine, and that when someone is doing something that is just a matter of personal style or taste, that we leave our bad comments to ourselves? That’s something I think we can all achieve. Afterall, isn’t the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” I thought we all learned that in kindergarten or maybe earlier. I’m sure we all teach our kids that, so why can’t we follow through with it? Is it that hard not to say something when you disagree with someone? I mean, unless someone is asking for your opinion, or if something is dangerous in some way, should we not encourage each other to be ourselves and to feel safe expressing our feelings? Should I have to hide my feelings or dress a certain way/act a certain way to gain other’s approval? Or should I feel like I’m less of a person because every time I say something that’s important to me, someone else knocks me down? No. Clearly not, as God does not want us to live in fear, or to pretend to be someone we’re not. I hope at least one person reading this will remember that they are a child of God, who purposely made us each different for His Own Purposes, and that He delights in our uniqueness, not in being anyone else. It is our uniqueness that makes us who we are, and if each of us would feel free to just be ourselves, there would be so much creativity flowing in this world, and beauty. Alas, there will always be critics, which is fine, but please allow for freedom of expression, please do not supress the beauty that is in another individual just because you do not agree with it. I mean, if you’re good at judging others, that is something you need to work on, but please be courteous to others. I am also working on taking the brunt of negativity and rudeness and whatever else the world throws at me, and saying to myself, “Just breathe… do not focus on it, but focus on God’s Truth and Love.” Unforgiveness and hurt can well up inside so easily, especially I think for women as we are really emotional creatures, (my husband can attest to this), and we need to stop and think before we criticize others or ourselves. We need to stop living like robots and start living like the women God made us to be, strong in Christ and free to be individuals in all ways. So as this blog title states, I’m learning to be me, and I’m happy with that decision, so there!
*grins* Now to walk it… please pray for me that I keep remembering this on a daily basis and that I allow myself to do so.

With Love,


Talking to the wall… a blog wall that is ;p


So since I have such a bad habit of taking over conversations by talking about my own experiences, and do not wish to do this to anyone anymore, I’ve decided it best to stop talking about myself in reality and start doing it virtually, that way if someone wants to hear about stuff that’s going on in my life they can look it up, otherwise I’ll just assume it’s not worth mentioning. (Really upset at myself right now, my hubby just told me I was doing this all weekend when I thought I had gotten better at just listening to people, but apparently I’ve reverted back to my old ways). Old habits die hard I guess…

So yeah, to start with, I know I’m a total stranger, but even strangers have something interesting to say, (I hope), so here goes: I’m a Christian mother of two children, who is currently a stay-at-home mom, with a hubby who also works from home and who has a passion for helping others and creating stuff. I love to sew, (a self-taught, continuously learning, sewist), craft, garden, bake, draw comics, learn new things, sing, dance, organize stuff, watch movies/shows (Arrested Development on Netflix is a current fave), teach my children, and grow in my faith. There is always something new to work on projectwise, and of course the list keeps growing as I tend to volunteer to make stuff for people, been enjoying making stuff for birthdays and other celebrations instead of just buying stuff, but I have learned over the years that gift-giving is one of my love languages (it’s how I show others I care), and it makes sense that’s why I’ve always enjoyed making things for people since I was a child. It’s something I love to do, and this includes baking cookies for friends and family, as this way I don’t end up eating a whole batch myself and everyone gets a taste too! *grins* But I digress…

Thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules about blogging (that I’m aware), so I be free to express myself without worrying about pleasing anyone (yes, another bad habit I have to stop), and just be myself. So what you read here is the real deal, and I’m happy you can share in my life as a mom. Thanks!

P.S. – I love making homemade smoothies!! Hence the photo above! 🙂 So expect to see some foody links or recipes from time to time!