DIY Scented Bath Salts

The other day I had my friend over for some crafts and dinner, and she brought over all her craft stuff. I love doing crafts, but hardly ever get to do any so when she comes by I’m always happy! She made several different gifts for someone, and along with that, I made some of my own scented bath salts. I had bought a few cute jars the week prior from Target since they were discounted, and knew that I would use them for something so this was the perfect opportunity! First, we decided what scents we wanted each to have, and then what color would go best for that scent. I picked peppermint and lavender. Then we colored each set of salts (Epsom salts to be exact) after pouring in the right amount of salts into a measuring cup. These are healthy for you to soak in, but we were making them for foot soaks. She had 8 different food colors (some neon), so we mixed some together to make the colors exactly how we wanted them. We then took a bamboo stick and mixed in 3-5 drops of an essential oil. So in one I mixed in peppermint oil *love!* with a bluish tinge, and in the other I put in the lavender essential oil, with a purple tinge. They turned out great, and after we got to put them into our glass jars, and decorate the lids. As you can see, I used hemp twine to decorate the peppermint lid, and purple ribbon to decorate the lavender one. Then I put a dot of hot glue on each bow to keep it set. Et Voila! I was so happy with the result, I decided to gift one to a close friend this week as she loves lavender! 🙂 Yay! How special it is to gift a friend and spend time with friends, especially nowadays with children, when seeing friends is not an often occurence. I am blessed.

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