I’m Not Alone

Today marks one year from the day that I went in for day surgery to clean out my body after having a miscarriage. Today last year I had to say goodbye to a baby I never met in person, but whom I carried for almost 3 months in my womb. Today I am sad, yet joyful that God made the decision He did as He knew that in this point in time we would not have the finances to care for another child, and that perhaps other issues would be at play. I miss our little one, but I am reminded that God Loves all of us, and His Ways are not mine, and His Plans are not my own, and that He does know best. It was a long road of depression to get to the place I am at now, and yes, I still grieve just not so often and the pain is not so intense as I know where my child is. And he or she is in Good Hands – God’s Hands. So in all this, I am reminded that I am not alone.

If anyone reading this has recently miscarried, know this, that God Loves your child too, and he or she is in a better place. By all means, as much you love your child, we need to also realize, that no matter how much it hurts that we cannot see our little ones right now, that God is taking good care of them in Heaven. And Heaven is the best place to be – hey, it’s where I want to be – and it doesn’t get better than that! In Heaven, there is no pain, no sadness, no hurt, no hunger, no sin, no fears, just love. LOVE. Imagine that. Just love. I can’t wait!!

I am reminded that God’s Love is all encompassing so much so that even in the midst of my despair, He is there, and He is changing me from the inside out, where it counts. I don’t need to carry all my hurts anymore, because I am a new creation in Christ. There IS hope, no matter what anyone else thinks, because He Is God. Amen.

May God comfort all those who are hurting right now, and may He show you the joy and hope that He has in store for you.



Easter Weekend

Happy Easter everyone!

I was in a crafty mood so I suggested that the boys make some crafts for Easter, but before we did all this, I made sure to read them “The Easter Story”, which tells about Jesus’s time just before his death on the cross, and all the steps up to Easter Sunday. There is so much joy in sharing the Gospel with them and feeling their own wonderment at Jesus’s love for them. And hearing them sing God songs when I wake up in the morning, and they are playing makes me feel so happy. It really is music to my ears.

Well, this Easter, our boys decided to do different things – my youngest decided to colour a picture from Sunday school and to make a sign using stickers and writing, “Happy Easter”.

He is Risen

My older son decided to use an egg carton and some Kinder Surprise eggs to make little egg people of our family and one of his friends. They turned out so cute!

Easter egg peopleI love crafts! And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m like a big kid! So I get just as much enjoyment doing this stuff as they do. I have another idea of something to make for Easter, we’ll see if I get around to doing them, but in the mean time I have some baking to do!

Today we went to Good Friday service at our church, Riverwood Church, and it was very special to sit there with our oldest child and really reflect on the meaning behind today. There are so many significances to what happened in Jesus’s life, and throughout Easter, but we are just scratching the surface of what really happened. We do know that what Christ did for us on that cross was no easy matter. Even though he was God and man combined, he chose to take the ultimate wrath from His Father God, all for our sakes, that we might not have to be disciplined for our sins. And boy am I thankful He did. Try to think of how you react when someone treats you badly or doesn’t listen to you – does it make you want to bless them or be mean? I know that I have trying times, and it’s those times when I choose to obey God and show love instead of anger, that I know He smiles down upon me. It’s all too easy to react in anger, but to show grace as He has shown us… wow. Only through His Holy Spirit am I able to walk in His Ways. There are just so many things my heart is feeling today, but His Love is at the top of the list. Even though times are tough, and I don’t know what lies ahead, I can rest in the knowledge that my Father in Heaven is watching out for us, and I need not worry. When doubt creeps in, as it has these past couple of weeks, I must remember that He is here. Blessed are we, who believe in the Lord Jesus!

May you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, and I pray that God will reveal Himself to you in a very powerful way. God Bless you!



Clean Detox diet (week 2 close)

Hello again readers,

As I reflect on the 2nd week of this cleanse, I realize just how much self-control I’ve had to have, and I’m quite shocked at how well I’ve done so far. I mean, yes, it’s hard not snacking, especially on things that I crave like sugar and chips, but what’s even harder for me anyways, is the fact that I have to have soup for supper every single day! And normally I’d be fine having soup most days, but I’m one of those people who just really enjoys hearty soups – soups with some meat to them. I like potatoes and tomatoes, or to thicken soups with flour/cornstarch, but I can’t have any of those things on this diet. And last night was no exception – I finished off some spaghetti squash soup from the night before, and yes, it’s tasty because it has some sweetness to it, but either the texture or the sweetness made me feel like throwing up. I think I’m reaching my limit  in terms of the soup thing, so I may have to resort to smoothies for suppers as well as my morning ones. I just really like thicker/heartier soups and this weak, all-veggie stuff is getting me down. Other than that, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost some poundage – 5 lbs to be exact. And that’s fine by me. I realize that I need to do more exercise in order to tone up more, but so far, I’m pleased that my pants are fitting me better. I’m still not down to what I was last january (before I got pregnant and had a miscarriage), but I’m getting there. My body just needs to get back to it’s normal metabolism/pace and I know the pounds will melt right off. At least that’s the way it’s always worked with me. I’m usually pretty good about eating healthy/keeping snacking in check, but I had gone through much depression last year, so it is even more significant to me that I’m doing this cleanse as it’s further motivation to keep eating right and to exercise more. I spent enough time feeling bad, which is fine, as everyone needs time to grieve, but now it’s time for change. I’m also in a transition phase of where I’m trying to earn some extra money for our family, through our book cover design business, and by trying to find work. Please pray for us that everything works out soon, as these are tough times and I am trying to keep faith that things will improve. I’m doing my part to move forward, I just need some extra help from above. Thanks!

God Bless you,


Book Covers for Less

Book Covers for Less

Hello Everyone,

How are you today? Awesome? Not-so-awesome? Well, I want you to know that however you are doing, God is with you, and He Loves you no matter what. 🙂 Right now, I’m going through a transition phase of going from stay-at-home mom, to trying to earn money for our family, so I decided to get the word out for my hubby and I’s book cover design venture! We both have been part of the self-publishing world for years, my husband being an author and publisher for Coscom Entertainment, and now we’re offering our services to others for book design.

From our website:

“Book Covers For Less is the husband-and-wife team of A.P. and Roxanne Fuchs.

A.P. Fuchs has been involved in the publishing industry since 2003, when he released his first book, A Stranger Dead. In 2004, his company, Coscom Entertainment, published its first titles and it was then he began designing the book covers for the catalog as well as contributing to it with numerous novels of his own. Since then, as a publisher he’s published over 100 books, having designed the covers for nearly all of them. In 2010, he and and Roxanne launched a joint imprint called Torn Veil Books, which focused on Christian Romance. A.P. provides the cover design for some of the titles.

No stranger to art, he is also a comic book artist and animation school graduate. His webcomic, Axiom-man, is also available in print and A.P. handles all of the design for the series as well as the writing and drawing.

Roxanne Fuchs has been part of her husband’s publishing journey since the beginning, handling things behind-the-scenes like website design, book trailers, book cover design assistance, interior formatting assistance and more. Also a cartoonist–her webcomic, Fuzz Society, like her husband’s, is also available in print and she handles all the design aspects for it as well as writes and draws it–she brings years of art experience.

It is their hope that in an age where independent publishing is flourishing, they can bring their combined experience to the field and ensure other authors have book covers that are professionally designed.”

If you or someone you know needs a cover designer, or just wrote a book, why not check out our website and see what we have to offer you? We believe in putting out quality books and designing with the market in mind. As well, first-time customers receive 10% off their first order! *Bonus!* So along with our fair market pricing, (both for single covers and packages), you’re looking at great savings, and a great book cover! ^_~

I enjoy design, and have always wanted to be in this business, so this is a dream come true to be able to pursue it, and with my experience working in Adobe Photoshop, it’s even more fun for me! It’s such a blessing, and I hope to continue doing this for years to come.



Clean Detox Program and Other Things

Hi Everyone,

How are you doing today? As for me, I could use a bit of a boost as I wait upon the Lord to come through for us, but I know well enough to know that He will provide. There are times when life gets so crazy you don’t know what to do other than pray, and right now is one of those times where I just have to say, “Okay Lord, I know You’re in control, and You Love us, so I will keep praying and trust in You.” I think most of all, it’s important to keep trusting, and to be obedient, doing so because you love God of course, and not for the wrong reasons. And right now, to top off the craziness, my hubby and I are doing the Clean detox program, to help rid our bodies of any unhealthy junk that has built up over the years. It is a combination of proper eating and meditation/rest, and expelling said toxins through our skin via sweating/soaking in a tub, and regular bodily functions. ;p So far I’m on day 4, and it’s been a bit rough (moreso the lack of certain favourite foods), but really good for my brain. I seem to be able to think clearer, and have more energy. The first few days are the hardest, though it’s tough being tempted every time I go to a grocery store or preparing meals for the kids since they are not on the diet and can eat normal stuff. It’s worth it though if this will help my body to heal the way it was intended, as through talking to people and reading, I’ve heard so many good things about this diet. It’s up to you if you do the 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks diet for complete detox, but so far I’m working on the 1 week plan. I have yet to lose any weight, but apparently it’s more common to lose weight in the second week. And I know I need to exercise more, as I am out of shape, though with only about 10 lbs to go, you just know those are the hardest ones to lose, (raise your hands ladies if you know what I’m talking about)! It’s a choice that I’m happy with though, and even excited to see the outcome of as I have never done a formal diet such as this, just the regular exercise routine/cutting out sugar and midnight snacking at times.

I’m hoping my seasonal/pet allergies will be reduced and that my asthma will be gone completely (I haven’t had bad issues lately, but it does act up around animals and dust). Especially if at some point we get a dog (our kids want one and I wouldn’t mind having one around again, once we have a bigger yard), it will be good to not have so many allergies.

But this program has also taught me much about staying informed about the chemicals that are in the foods we eat and in the air we breath, not in a paranoid way as it might for some people as I know that God blesses our food to our bodies’ use, but moreso in a way that encourages healthy choices. And in this day and age, making healthy choices in any area of our lives seems to be getting more difficult. I mean from keeping in touch using all the online devices (staying connected to the net at every turn instead of maintaining relationships in person), to eating processed/restaurant foods, to living a more sedentary lifestyle and spending less time with God, it’s no wonder our society is going downhill. And I struggle with all of the above at times, so I’m not saying I’m perfect either. I just recognize the need to go back to a more organic type of lifestyle. And I’m happy to say, that lately moreso, I’ve been finally finding peace with just being thankful for what I have/who is in my life and not trying to keep up with the Joneses’ (something I don’t actively do or care about, but something that my sinful side bothers me with at times).

I think it’s important to keep perspective with regards to our relationships and what really matters. And if you struggle with this, ask yourself, “If I were on my deathbed today, what would I care about most?” It’s a simple question anyone can ask themselves to see how their life lines up with the things of importance, and if not, to question why it doesn’t. For me personally, I know I need to work on my relationships and on getting back to being me, hence I’ve been trying even harder lately to do so regardless of what society thinks. I know that not everyone agrees with my lifestyle choices or how I approach things, but that’s okay. I’m finally learning that it’s okay for people to not agree with what I think, even when they blatantly say it to your face (or online). I’m learning that so long as God is okay with me, then I’m okay with me. I’m also listening to some Joyce Meyer cd’s on healing and proper thinking, which are great btw, and trying to work on a better schedule at home. In the end, I just want to make sure I’m pleasing to my Creator. Something to think about perhaps? All the time. 😉 God Bless you all!

P.S. – I’ll try to keep you in the loop with this diet thingy ;p


DIY Upholstered Headboard

Hello Readers,

Wow, 2 posts in a week? This is crazy! Maybe I’ll get used to bloggin afterall. ;p But seriously, this is awesome because I’m such a big procrastinator sometimes (when it comes to my own stuff anyways), so I’m happy I’ve been getting some projects done. What I want to share with you today is something that I’ve been wanting to make since before Christmas 2012, and that is – a headboard! Sounds simple enough, and really it is, but sometimes things can seem more tedious than they really are. It’s weird how that works, but really this was pretty easy and with a bit of careful planning and measuring, anyone can make one.

Here’s how I made mine:

First, and foremost, get a vision of how you want to decorate your room. Keep in mind colour scheme, even if you haven’t gotten everything else done yet (ie- painting), that way when you do get everything finished it will all go together. I picked out a nice sheer grey fabric based on the colour scheme we want for our room in the near future. But before I could pick out the fabric of course, my hubby and I measured the width and height of the headboard as we wanted it to be, then we got a piece of plywood cut for us to those dimensions. We ordered our foam from a family friend who works at a factory, though you can also buy some from fabric or craft stores. I didn’t use batting in mine, but many people use batting and foam underneath their material. That’s totally up to you, but I personally didn’t find it necessary.

What you will need:

  • basic tools like a drill/screwdriver, level, measuring tape, straight edge, hammer, stud finder (if hanging)
  • pencil
  • fabric (dimensions dependent on size of headboard, but add about 10″ extra per side for wrap around)
  • an iron (if you want to make sure your fabric is nice and wrinkle free before upholstering)
  • 2″-3″ thick foam (dimensions also dependent on headboard size, plus 6″ extra per side for wrap around)
  • cotton batting (optional – if using, keep foam dimensions exactly size of board, and add 6″ extra to sides of batting for wrap around)
  • plywood (width of your bed plus whatever overhang you want, height however tall you want it)
  • hooks and eyelets (# determined by how heavy your board is/what size)
  • upholstery tacks or heavy duty staple gun + staples
  • spray adhesive is optional
  • may need a craft knife if cutting foam thinner for wrap around
  • someone to help you out isn’t necessary, but suggested!
  • camera (optional) – to take a picture of your finished product 🙂

So after I bought the fabric, plywood and foam, along with some cute floral tacks from the craft department at Walmart, I was ready to start upholstering!

I laid out my freshly washed and ironed fabric on the floor, good side facing down, then placed the foam and plywood on top, centred it, then cut excess fabric from around the edges. Note: I left about 2-3 inches extra trim around to account for wrap around, but this could have been an extra inch longer to wrap it around the bottom of the foam at the back better. I also ended up using my craft knife to thin out the excess foam that stuck out the sides from my headboard for easier wrap around, and to better accomodate the length of my tacks – I highly recommend it! I trimmed it to about half to a third the thickness of the foam, which overall took about an extra half an hour, maybe less, but worth it. If you prefer to use cotton batting, then you can skip this step and just keep your foam the same dimensions as the board and wrap your batting around the back, so long as it’s bigger than the board. This way was just a lot cheaper.

I researched headboards online first and though many people suggest to spray the foam with a spray adhesive first so it doesn’t move around, I didn’t bother. I take a very simple approach to things and if it’s not necessary, it’s just not. But I did do what many say to do regarding tacking, and that’s to start from the middle of the headboard and work your way outward. This helps with stretching the fabric evenly over the foam and backboard and for tacking purposes. If you prefer, you may also use a handy staple gun – I didn’t, as after my last project, I found out my staple gun is just not that heavy duty and tacks work much better for me. Plus they have flowers on them, so the cuteness factor was definitely a plus. 🙂

I asked my 5 yr-old to sit on the fabric at the side to keep it from moving for the first few tacks, and hammered those things in good. After that, it was just a matter of spacing them out evenly. My one word of caution with tacking, is that the tacks do bend quite easily and can snap apart if bent too much, so get extra tacks! They are cheap so won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and if there’s extra left over at the end, all the more better to have some for your next project. I did two opposite sides at a time, then switched to the other sides, leaving the corners open for the moment.

Since I was running low on tacks after breaking some, my hubby helped me to nail in the corners by folding over the fabric neatly and holding it taught while he quickly and accurately hammered the nails into the board. It takes some skill with a hammer as if your tack is not hit in the center, they will bend and break. I’d recommend making this with a friend for all the reasons above and more – plus it’s more fun with help! ^_^ After getting the corners nailed, I stood it against the wall to admire our handywork.

Below: Laying out the fabric, foam and plywood – foam already thinned out, and tacking down fabric!



Below: My youngest took this photo me because he wanted to – he’s a little photographer in the making!


Below: Close-up of fabric and corner of headboard at back.


The next step was to hang it! So again I got my hubby to assist in measuring where exactly we would place our headboard by using the measuring tape and a straight edge, (in this instance my T-square), to evenly mark out where the edges of the headboard would go with faint pencil on the wall. Next we attached a long board to the back of the headboard (could have done this before we upholstered it, but didn’t think we’d have to). So my hubby screwed on the board (I used some scrap wood salvaged from an old tv-unit), and cut another piece to extend it since it wasn’t quite long enough. Use whatever you have first, provided it’s the right thing for the job; it’s handy and it’s being responsible with your money/resources.

We determined that 4 hooks and eyelets were what we felt comfortable using to hang this board, as it was pretty light and those things can hold heavier stuff than that. Depending on what your board is like, you may decide to use french cleats (sort of like ledges with an angled edge that you hang like a puzzle one atop the other, one attached to the wall, the other to the headboard). Others may decide that they’d like to go the traditional route and attach posts to either side of the headboard and let it sit atop of that. It’s your choice, so have fun with it!

Basically, we took our stud finder, found four spots on the wall that were in line with each other, marked those out in pencil on the wall, then measured out the same distance across the back of our headboard where the added board was, and pre-drilled all the holes in both.

I had tried to use a different type of hanging clip originally with a moveable ring, but that was just too tricky to hang so I ended up getting the correct hanging tool the second time around. But that’s DIY for you – you learn as you go! ^_~ Nothing wrong with that in my book. So anyways, we finally got the right hooks so I finished off the screwing into the headboard and wall this evening and I’m quite pleased with the outcome. I may try to use some of the excess fabric to make matching pillows or curtains. Oh you thought I was done? Never. ;p

Below: Photos of the hooks and eyelets I used. They were 1 3/8″ and 1 7/16″ respectively, though you could use whatever size suits your board.


And finally – the finished product below!


Voice of the Martyrs (VOM Canada)

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM Canada)

This morning as I was reading through one of my Voice of the Martyrs magazines, (which my hubby and I subscribe to in order to stay in touch with what’s happening to Christians around the world), I felt led to share this with all of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It seems to me that in North America anyway, many of us are unaware of the terrors that are taking place elsewhere – especially with the Body of Christ, and that is disturbing. Considering that we are called to pray for all those who are persecuted, how can we do this if we do not know about them? Yes, we hear of news stories here and there, but for the most part, with the media, they only show whatever is approved by those in charge. We do not hear about all the Christians who are threatened on a daily basis, sometimes beaten, tortured, imprisoned for years on end, and basically stripped of everything they have. I think as Christians we need to be aware of what is happening in the world or else how can we help those who are helpless? Believe me, I’m in just as much of a bubble as anyone else, so this message is for me too. Sometimes I think we are too preoccupied with all of the day-to-day stuff, that we cannot look past ourselves, so it can be a challenge to even remember to pray for others, but we must. There is so much despair in this world as it is, and as followers of Christ, we need to reach out to our brethren so that they can continue to spread the Word of God, support their families, and stay strong throughout their trials. I know we each face our own problems, that is true, however, how many of us can actually say we’ve faced threats of imprisonment or death for our faith? Not too many I imagine. And that makes me thankful, both for our safety, but also for the boldness that others have shown in the face of danger. To keep one’s eye on the Lord throughout persecution takes faith and strength and courage. And I know that every letter people write to the persecuted, every prayer, and every donation to VOM is appreciated and felt by those in trouble. That is why it is crucial that we make a stand for Christ by standing with those in danger. We are not to renounce our faith in Christ, no matter the circumstance, and I am encouraged when I see that Christ prevails in all these situations, as God’s Word truly cannot be chained. It is alive and will continue to make a difference in the world. Now let us do our part.

There are many ministries you can help out with, but why not check out this website and find out how you can help fellow Christians – there are many ways, and every bit helps. Why not take a few minutes to pray today for those in trouble, and send them some love?



The Importance of Dreams

This morning I was having a most interesting, and character revealing dream, and I guess it had to do with what’s been on my mind lately – finances. As with most Christmases, this is an expensive time of year, and of course adding bills to pay to that, it’s always trying to make things stretch further. And with a family of four, that’s not always easy. Along with different debts to clear off, I’ve been thinking of going back to work to help out my hubby, but I’m not quite sure yet where I plan to work – or rather, where God wants me to be. However, this all managed to sneak into my dreams – of course – last night.

I dreamt that I for some reason I was walking around a hospital, when I happened to walk by an open area (or station) where people were working to clean up visitor’s and patient’s outfits that got stained for one reason or another. It doesn’t make sense in reality that there would be such a thing, but in my dream it made sense. So of course, my thoughts kicking in, I said to myself, “I wonder if I would be able to do this job?” Then, remarkably, someone saw me standing there, and asked me to get to work, thinking I was one of the new people. So I thought, “There’s no harm in trying it, at least I’ll figure out if I can do the job. It’s a learning opportunity.” Of course I knew it was wrong, because I was telling a lie in my dream, but it’s one of those “white lies” people try to get away with sometimes, but of course, more would happen.

I stood there, and people would come up to me holding a garment by a wash station, and ask me if I could help them remove different stains. So I again pretended I worked there, and was helping them out. Then I thought, “This is easy! So why do people even need to go to school to get hospital jobs? I could do this.” I was thinking how there’s so much red tape to get a job these days, and how in the end, a piece of paper that you spend 3 or 4 years getting, doesn’t always amount to much, but yet, people can be totally qualified to work somewhere otherwise and not get the job because of that one piece of paper. I also thought, “Hmm… hospital pay is better than other places sometimes.” I noticed how well I got along with everyone, and how they seemed to like me, which are big pluses to working anywhere for any length of time so I felt good about that (as I’ve worked with both people who don’t like me for whatever reason, so are mean to me – not kidding – and with those who do, so are extra nice and act normal around me, which is always wonderful, but I always try my best to be helpful in either case). I also enjoyed the fact that people were asking me for help, which I also enjoy, I guess I like to feel useful, though part of that stems from different self-esteem issues ingrained in me a long time ago – I’m working on that too with God’s help. Things were going great so I kept working.

Then to make matters worse, someone came by and started chatting with someone off to the side about it being their birthday tomorrow, and as they walked off, I guess one of the hospital workers near me overheard them, but thought it was me who said it. So they said to me, Have a “Happy Birthday tomorrow,” (or something like that). So I felt a tinge of guilt for not saying anything, but again, it was a “minor” lie, (when in reality all lies are just as bad to God). So after a while, I went elsewhere for the day (can’t remember where), but I ended up coming back the next day or later in the day, as in dreams time shifts happen constantly so you’re never quite sure what time it’s supposed to be. And as I was walking into the hospital, going down some steps, I noticed some large advertisement-type photo stickers someone had arranged on them, each step progressively getting bigger as I went down. The first few I noticed said, “Happy Birthday!” on them and had a big photo of one of the hospital workers on it. So as I’m walking down them, looking at all these faces, I was in half-shock as I came to the last step down and saw my own face with a huge, “Happy Birthday!” sign. Boy did I feel ashamed at this point, as someone went to all this trouble to make me feel special by giving me the biggest picture and sign of all the people and I just started “working” there. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being, and here I was lying to them by being there. And there’s more – as I walked up to the front desk for the ward, to check in to work, the lady there handed me a beautiful, bright blue plush robe with a cute penguin embroidered on it (or something like that), and a plush towel, also embroidered, and said it was a gift to me for my birthday. Well, now I felt even more bad! I took them with a smile, still in shock, but as I started to walk around looking for my station, I felt super guilty. Then I finally found the area where I worked earlier or the other day, and there were people in lab coats spraying some kind of bright orange chemical around the area and a lady came up to me wondering what I wanted and I said I was there to work, but none of my co-workers were there and I was confused. Then she looked at me weird and said she would check her schedule to see if I was supposed to come in, but she thought I should know not to come in as people were working on something to fix the area today. I then decided to sit down in a chair near a basement door to wait. And of course, as I was sitting there, my mom, who in real life worked for hospitals before, walked in and started talking to someone there. Then of course she looked down at me and asked what I was doing here, thinking I was ill or something. I again had to lie about it (I can’t remember what I said), then I left the room. I felt bad for lying again, and in my dream it was almost pay day, and I really didn’t want them to pay me (even though in reality they couldn’t without all my info), so I decided to write a note of apology and to admit that I didn’t work there. As I was walking around, I got lost and ended up in a huge office area (not kidding – as big as the hospital itself). And there were a million computers on tiny desks scattered throughout several rooms, everyone busy working. I was wearing a white scarf and felt cold on my head so decided to wrap it around my head a bit. Next thing I know, a group of doctors is walking past a doorway and notices me with my scarf, and they start to run after me, so I run too. They yell, “Escaped patient!” as they point toward me. I quickly try to explain to someone beside me that it’s all a mistake, as I quickly unwrap my scarf, though the doctors are ready to force me into a hospital room, so I race away, and thankfully get away. At that point I had had enough and found a piece of paper where I wrote out my confession. I found a manager, and as I handed him the note, I told him I had a confession to make and wanted to clear things up. In my dream, I even accidentally stepped on his shoe, and he tripped, then the tip of his fancy leather shoe came off, plus he hurt himself, so I felt even more bad, (as I sometimes feel so clumsy or idiotic), but he started to read my letter. I was so afraid of what might happen, but at this point I knew one lesson here was that it was better to live in truth than in lies. It didn’t matter how small the lie was, whether for a good reason, (as we like to convince ourselves), or bad as the small lies can turn into bigger lies, and the more people lie, the more complicated things get. And this can count for any sin issue in our lives; it doesn’t help anything to go against God’s Word, we only end up in hot water, (no pun intended). I also felt like I had to justify my lie by pointing out in my letter that I was doing it to try to help out my family, by trying to find a place where I could work for good pay, hoping for mercy, but again, I felt convicted on that too, as God is the one who provides the job, wherever it may be, I just need to rely on Him and His Timing. I was hoping for some sympathy perhaps. I don’t know. Either way, I knew that there was a lesson here, and when I woke up this morning I felt compelled to share this, regardless of how it may make others look at me differently (or not), as it’s a bit revealing about my character and different things. I can hope that someone reading this gets the point I’m trying to get across – no matter what the issue(s), or how bad the circumstance, it is not right to go against whatever God has planned for us, it is much better to follow Him. No matter what the ‘mini-perks’ may seem to be along the way, nothing is better than walking the straight and narrow. And I can say for myself, as I’ve journeyed in my Christian walk so far, a good 5 years at least, I’ve had some hard learning to do in different areas, things I never thought I’d have to deal with, but God showed me, that yes, it was important to deal with them, and that things always improve with each step I take toward Him. I just need to keep raising my head from facing the ground, to facing the Son. Amen.

P.S. – If there’s anything you’d like to share about your own walk with the Lord, or if you would like someone to pray for you, feel free to drop me a line either at the bottom of this post, or contact me via email at fuzzsociety at gmail dot com. Thanks!



DIY Closet Reno

So because we’re in a century plus old house, our closet rod at the front fell down the other day completely. But good thing it did in a way because it allowed me to see what the space looked like without it in. And I decided to move the bar to the other wall for something different. Sometimes what appears to be something bad is a blessing in disguise (actually most times it is). So I set to work thinking of how I was going to mount the closet rod again and planned what board I would use for the shelf on top etc.

After a day or so, I was able to go to the store and pick up a couple new closet rod brackets at the Home Depot which would work nicely ($10) and wouldn’t break my budget. By the way, I almost always try to do things the cheapest way possible because I love to see how I can repurpose things I find for free or laying around our workshop in the basement. So it just so happened we had an old but ding-free board from an entertainment unit in the basement which I chose for my shelf. Next I had to measure how long the shelf would need to be, so I took my tape measure and measured off the space for the closet, and asked my hubby to cut the board accordingly (he used our jigsaw which I cannot bring myself to use yet). So after that, I held up the board and took a bracket in hand, and drew lines under the shelf where the holes would be drilled for the screws to go in from the underside of the brackets. This part was tricky doing on my own, but I didn’t have much choice as my hubby was laying down with a headache/sore muscles. I finally managed to get everything lined up and marked the holes out. Then I got ready to drill holes into the shelf board, matching up the appropriate sized drill bits for the screws that came with the brackets. To make things easier, I first attached the brackets to the bottom of the shelf, then I decided to attach the brackets to the wall. I’m glad there was already some boards along the wall to rest the shelf on at one side, which helped when propping everything up. I was able to secure the top screws into the wall through this board, but next I had to cut some short boards to go in behind the bottom half of the shelf brackets along the wall since there was a gap there between the wall and the brackets. So I cut two equal-sized boards, and nailed them to the wall behind the brackets. Next I drilled holes for the screws to go into the bottom fo the brackets and put those screws in. Everything went pretty good overall, I just had a bit of trouble at one point when I went to drill some holes and the drill bit wasn’t quite lined up properly so when I went to drill, the bit came out sideways a bit and scraped one of my fingers which was holding the board… 🙁  Thankfully I didn’t drill a hole in my hand! But lesson learned – always make sure the drill bit is in straight!!

So there you have it, I was able to finish putting up this closet in one evening and finished hanging back up all our jackets and sweaters. Next step will be to put in some hooks for my cleaning supplies since I don’t have a linen/broom closet. Catch you next time, folks!



Camping Trip 2012


Thought I’d say a bit about our latest camping trip since it turned out quite nice, and do a bit of mini-promo for the campground – Rubber Ducky Campground and Resort in Woodlands, MB (about 20 mins. outside of Winnipeg). This was our first time camping there, and the idea came from my sister-in-law, who did lots of research beforehand as she took her family too. So we all packed up (two adults and two kids in my family and in my brother’s family), and drove out to the campground on Saturday afternoon. It was a nice weekend as has been the case all summer long – like plus 30 deg. Celcius so it was a bit hot for camping, but nice for swimming in a pool, which they have two of! So we spent most of the time in the pool helping our kids learn to swim (and for myself, getting over my own phoebia of water). This was my first time in a pool all year so it was good to go in, even if just to get somewhat used to it. I’m slowly learning how to swim because I want to, and because I need to for my kids’s sakes. Anyhoo, more on that later, but here’s our camping story.

We drove to the campground, after getting a bit turned around, but I had printed some directions from off the Internet which helps a lot since our GPS isn’t too useful for rural addresses. Well, if you have a family, you’ll love this place – first of all they have a nice HUGE pool area complete with two pools – a kiddie one, and another, slightly deeper, heated pool, plus 2 hot tubs! It’s perfect if you go for a swim and then want to warm up then go back for more. The pools are free and are right beside the campground office/restaurant which has some nice showers and arcades and puzzles/games to rent if you’re rained out. There’s also a really awesome gumball machine that costs 25 cents, but gives your kids a cool show by sending your gumball through a rollercoaster of sorts and playing music for you! (We loved it’s entertainment value so much we each had to try). And it’s nice that the resort is family owned and operated so it felt good because I know that they do care about their customers. Everything is family friendly! There is even an outdoor movie area by the pool where they had a movie on Saturday night. Also, each weekend they host different events for either charity or fun. So lots to do!

As a bonus, our campsite was right beside a big playground where the kids could slide, swing, go on a see-saw, or play in some playhouses. Plus they had dumptrucks to play with at the playground. Even though we didn’t try it, they also loan out badminton rackets, baseballs, bats and mitts, etc. for their extra recreation areas. I thought we might do that, but the weather was just too hot to try that out.

After arriving, we set up camp complete with tent and lawn chairs, then decided to go for a swim. The boys really enjoyed the ducky slide in the kiddie pool, and jumping in. Unfortunately there is no life guard on duty so you need to stay alert because even other people’s kids are not always behaving properly and I had to keep an eye on some rowdy kids who were being rambunctious around us. I made sure to take lots of pictures too as I wanted to remember everything like it was yesterday. Next we decided to grill some smokies with my brother and roast hot dogs. It was good as usual. We also roasted marshmallows after and made smores – mmmm! I love campfire cooking, the only downside is that my allergies acted up so all night I had breathing issues and even though the weather cooled off nicely at night, I was wide awake so I think I got like 2 hours of sleep lol! Yeah, I was not a happy camper that night. 🙁 But at least it was a vacation, so I couldn’t complain.

The next day we had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, did lots of swimming too, but decided to get out of the sun for a few hours since the UV index felt really high and we were almost burnt. So we took a drive to nearby towns, first Warren, (which wasn’t too exciting), then to Stonewall where we did a bit of shopping at the dollar store and bargain shop, then stopped for drinks at Tim’s. It was a nice little outing and a chance to get in some air conditioning. ;p Good thing we took a break too as we could have gotten sick from all the heat. After we got back, we had a bit of a swim, then decided to get out as it was getting very cloudy nearby and we had to eat supper anyways. So good thing we packed everything up as it ended up raining heavily for at least half an hour. We would’ve got soaked, but we were safe in the restaurant which was nice and cozy. I also want to add that the food was awesome, and quite affordable! I loved the poutine! 😉

Unfortunately we lost one of our water wings which blew away to who knows where. We found one by the duck pond – another awesome part of this campground – where there are always ducks swimming and waddling around. My oldest child thought he could play with them, but got chased away – thankfully he didn’t get bitten, but we warned them not to chase the ducks. Kids don’t always listen though do they? Sigh… Afterwards we made some yummy cherry pie sandwiches (toast with cherry pie filling inside). Yummy! It was also a nice cool evening, and since I was beat from the heat and from not sleeping the previous night, I ended up crashing shortly after returning to camp.

The last day of camp, we had some more bacon and eggs, and the kids had oatmeal too. After that, we did a bit more swimming, then one of the employees came around asking if we wanted to ride the Ducky Train so the kids and I, and my sister-in-law and her kids went for a scenic little trip around the campsite before leaving for home. We would have played some mini-golf too if it wasn’t for the heat, as it was cheap!

Overall, it was a great trip, despite the fact that we forgot to bring pillows for us (the kids had theirs packed up early), and we didn’t bring a fan (which we thankfullly didn’t need to use because it was cool enough). I would go back there again in a heartbeat, and recommend it to other Winnipeggers who want to get away for a short while but not want to travel too far or spend too much money (the campsites are a great price). Thanks for listening, feel free to comment on your own camping experiences/recommendations!