Working Life

Is it the end of summer already? Don’t say that, there’s still one more month to go! Eh, it just feels that way as July is going by fast. Such is the life of a mom, especially with working outside the home again. I’m just trying to enjoy the kids while they are still in elementary, they grow every day and are looking (and smelling) more and more like teenagers lol! I keep telling my oldest to change his socks when he gets home from his day program as his feet stink up pretty fast. It’s just part of life I say. Get used to it.

I’m back at work – finally found a job after months of looking, and it feels good! I was so concerned because the job market is pretty rough right now, but I have God looking out for us so that helps! I kept praying and trusting He would provide and He did as always! I am so blessed that I found a part-time job that works with our family and is a good place to work. It also helps having very friendly and helpful coworkers – in just over a month, I’ve been able to learn most of my job pretty fast, and I keep getting compliments on my work too which is nice. I didn’t have much human interaction at my last job so I got pretty lonely and depressed there, so I’m happy to see people again. It’s funny that I didn’t think that would ever be a problem, but some workplaces are pretty solitary I guess… I put on a lot of weight working at my last job as I was the only one in the office and so I felt guilty every time I wanted to take a break and step outside as I knew people randomly dropped in, or they would call to tell me they were coming and I would wait for them. I guess I always worry about good customer service so much that I didn’t consider how much it was destroying me. I am glad to be done with that, at least I have someone to relieve me if I need to use the washroom or take a break now. Phew! Working life… how’s yours?

On another note, I’m looking forward to doing more crafts with my friend, whenever we make a date to do that.

Until Next Time