Moving Offline

It is a sad day when there is no longer freedom of speech even amongst family. Apparently we all need to walk on eggshells this day and age lest we say something to offend those in power and end up in jail or worse… but yet we can’t live in fear, that is not what God has called us to. So there is a constant battle raging on in both the physical and spiritual realms until they ultimately merge (soon enough), and all will see what is really happening in the background. Meh! Just so done with being bullied online and offline, it’s time to just step back and take time out. Time to just focus on God and let our relationship take priority; no longer focusing on what everyone else is doing. I know a number of people who have gone offline and just gone back to old school living – just living life, and not letting media and the distractions of internet control their lives. And it’s good. I admit I love looking at Pinterest and posting to Instagram, plus online gaming, but enough is enough. I need to take back my life, whatever health has been stolen by countless wasted hours in front of a screen. I need to pray and take action for my sake as well as my family’s sake. Thank you, Jesus that You are in Control, and for healing us, leading us as Your sheep, bringing us closer to You every day! Amen.

P.S. – I may still do some blogging to keep my creativity up, but that’s about it, other than emails. Thanks!

Till Next Post,