The Importance of Dreams

This morning I was having a most interesting, and character revealing dream, and I guess it had to do with what’s been on my mind lately – finances. As with most Christmases, this is an expensive time of year, and of course adding bills to pay to that, it’s always trying to make things stretch further. And with a family of four, that’s not always easy. Along with different debts to clear off, I’ve been thinking of going back to work to help out my hubby, but I’m not quite sure yet where I plan to work – or rather, where God wants me to be. However, this all managed to sneak into my dreams – of course – last night.

I dreamt that I for some reason I was walking around a hospital, when I happened to walk by an open area (or station) where people were working to clean up visitor’s and patient’s outfits that got stained for one reason or another. It doesn’t make sense in reality that there would be such a thing, but in my dream it made sense. So of course, my thoughts kicking in, I said to myself, “I wonder if I would be able to do this job?” Then, remarkably, someone saw me standing there, and asked me to get to work, thinking I was one of the new people. So I thought, “There’s no harm in trying it, at least I’ll figure out if I can do the job. It’s a learning opportunity.” Of course I knew it was wrong, because I was telling a lie in my dream, but it’s one of those “white lies” people try to get away with sometimes, but of course, more would happen.

I stood there, and people would come up to me holding a garment by a wash station, and ask me if I could help them remove different stains. So I again pretended I worked there, and was helping them out. Then I thought, “This is easy! So why do people even need to go to school to get hospital jobs? I could do this.” I was thinking how there’s so much red tape to get a job these days, and how in the end, a piece of paper that you spend 3 or 4 years getting, doesn’t always amount to much, but yet, people can be totally qualified to work somewhere otherwise and not get the job because of that one piece of paper. I also thought, “Hmm… hospital pay is better than other places sometimes.” I noticed how well I got along with everyone, and how they seemed to like me, which are big pluses to working anywhere for any length of time so I felt good about that (as I’ve worked with both people who don’t like me for whatever reason, so are mean to me – not kidding – and with those who do, so are extra nice and act normal around me, which is always wonderful, but I always try my best to be helpful in either case). I also enjoyed the fact that people were asking me for help, which I also enjoy, I guess I like to feel useful, though part of that stems from different self-esteem issues ingrained in me a long time ago – I’m working on that too with God’s help. Things were going great so I kept working.

Then to make matters worse, someone came by and started chatting with someone off to the side about it being their birthday tomorrow, and as they walked off, I guess one of the hospital workers near me overheard them, but thought it was me who said it. So they said to me, Have a “Happy Birthday tomorrow,” (or something like that). So I felt a tinge of guilt for not saying anything, but again, it was a “minor” lie, (when in reality all lies are just as bad to God). So after a while, I went elsewhere for the day (can’t remember where), but I ended up coming back the next day or later in the day, as in dreams time shifts happen constantly so you’re never quite sure what time it’s supposed to be. And as I was walking into the hospital, going down some steps, I noticed some large advertisement-type photo stickers someone had arranged on them, each step progressively getting bigger as I went down. The first few I noticed said, “Happy Birthday!” on them and had a big photo of one of the hospital workers on it. So as I’m walking down them, looking at all these faces, I was in half-shock as I came to the last step down and saw my own face with a huge, “Happy Birthday!” sign. Boy did I feel ashamed at this point, as someone went to all this trouble to make me feel special by giving me the biggest picture and sign of all the people and I just started “working” there. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was being, and here I was lying to them by being there. And there’s more – as I walked up to the front desk for the ward, to check in to work, the lady there handed me a beautiful, bright blue plush robe with a cute penguin embroidered on it (or something like that), and a plush towel, also embroidered, and said it was a gift to me for my birthday. Well, now I felt even more bad! I took them with a smile, still in shock, but as I started to walk around looking for my station, I felt super guilty. Then I finally found the area where I worked earlier or the other day, and there were people in lab coats spraying some kind of bright orange chemical around the area and a lady came up to me wondering what I wanted and I said I was there to work, but none of my co-workers were there and I was confused. Then she looked at me weird and said she would check her schedule to see if I was supposed to come in, but she thought I should know not to come in as people were working on something to fix the area today. I then decided to sit down in a chair near a basement door to wait. And of course, as I was sitting there, my mom, who in real life worked for hospitals before, walked in and started talking to someone there. Then of course she looked down at me and asked what I was doing here, thinking I was ill or something. I again had to lie about it (I can’t remember what I said), then I left the room. I felt bad for lying again, and in my dream it was almost pay day, and I really didn’t want them to pay me (even though in reality they couldn’t without all my info), so I decided to write a note of apology and to admit that I didn’t work there. As I was walking around, I got lost and ended up in a huge office area (not kidding – as big as the hospital itself). And there were a million computers on tiny desks scattered throughout several rooms, everyone busy working. I was wearing a white scarf and felt cold on my head so decided to wrap it around my head a bit. Next thing I know, a group of doctors is walking past a doorway and notices me with my scarf, and they start to run after me, so I run too. They yell, “Escaped patient!” as they point toward me. I quickly try to explain to someone beside me that it’s all a mistake, as I quickly unwrap my scarf, though the doctors are ready to force me into a hospital room, so I race away, and thankfully get away. At that point I had had enough and found a piece of paper where I wrote out my confession. I found a manager, and as I handed him the note, I told him I had a confession to make and wanted to clear things up. In my dream, I even accidentally stepped on his shoe, and he tripped, then the tip of his fancy leather shoe came off, plus he hurt himself, so I felt even more bad, (as I sometimes feel so clumsy or idiotic), but he started to read my letter. I was so afraid of what might happen, but at this point I knew one lesson here was that it was better to live in truth than in lies. It didn’t matter how small the lie was, whether for a good reason, (as we like to convince ourselves), or bad as the small lies can turn into bigger lies, and the more people lie, the more complicated things get. And this can count for any sin issue in our lives; it doesn’t help anything to go against God’s Word, we only end up in hot water, (no pun intended). I also felt like I had to justify my lie by pointing out in my letter that I was doing it to try to help out my family, by trying to find a place where I could work for good pay, hoping for mercy, but again, I felt convicted on that too, as God is the one who provides the job, wherever it may be, I just need to rely on Him and His Timing. I was hoping for some sympathy perhaps. I don’t know. Either way, I knew that there was a lesson here, and when I woke up this morning I felt compelled to share this, regardless of how it may make others look at me differently (or not), as it’s a bit revealing about my character and different things. I can hope that someone reading this gets the point I’m trying to get across – no matter what the issue(s), or how bad the circumstance, it is not right to go against whatever God has planned for us, it is much better to follow Him. No matter what the ‘mini-perks’ may seem to be along the way, nothing is better than walking the straight and narrow. And I can say for myself, as I’ve journeyed in my Christian walk so far, a good 5 years at least, I’ve had some hard learning to do in different areas, things I never thought I’d have to deal with, but God showed me, that yes, it was important to deal with them, and that things always improve with each step I take toward Him. I just need to keep raising my head from facing the ground, to facing the Son. Amen.

P.S. – If there’s anything you’d like to share about your own walk with the Lord, or if you would like someone to pray for you, feel free to drop me a line either at the bottom of this post, or contact me via email at fuzzsociety at gmail dot com. Thanks!



Inspirational Sewing Book

Hi Everyone,

Once in a while, I’ll stop by my local library and flip through some books to take home, as well as let my kids pick out their favourites, to promote reading. They enjoy it, though I don’t always have time to look at much as they get bored waiting. I always hope that they will sit nicely at a table and flip through one of their chosen books, but it usually doesn’t last very long. Sigh… oh well, that’s part of being a mom I guess. ;p

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share that I recently read a book, which seems to have mixed reviews, but one that I enjoyed personally. It is called, “Subversive Seamster”, and it showcases many ideas for thrifting different clothing and turning them into your own personalized piece of clothing or home decor.

While some may not agree with the exact fabrics used or styles, what I find refreshing are the ideas presented – taking old stuff and making them new. I am getting the refashioning bug, and am fairly new to sewing so I’m enjoying teaching myself how to make new things. And this book has inspired me to look at the clothes I have and material on my shelf, and to look past what it currently is. I think for anyone learning how to sew creatively, this is a great book to get you thinking. It makes me feel like a kid again, looking at things in a new way; fresh, funky and creative. So I do not agree with half the reviews on Amazon, and as I like to say, I’m always open to trying things for myself, regardless what other people think. It’s a journey of self-discovery, and an exciting one, as I pursue new creative outlets and sewing projects!

And for those who are not looking into refashioning, there are also basic sewing tutorials in this book, great for newbies, along with complete instructions for making your own dressmaker’s dummy – your own body double using duct tape! I totally need to make one of these, with someone’s help of course. 🙂 I can’t wait to get started!

Happy Sewing!


The Season of Giving

Hi Readers,

Today I went out to my local thrift store and donated some clothes, a few odds and ends and an extra Christmas tree which we were not using, and I thought someone could make good use of this time of year. I went to the MCC Thrift Store on Watt, a place I truly admire as they are completely volunteer run, and their prices are true thrift shop pricing. And all funds raised go to help those in need, not to line their pockets (something that other well-known thrift stores do). Every time I donate something, whether it’s big or small, I feel good knowing that someone in the community will be able to put it to good use, and they won’t have to spend their last penny buying it. I’ve been in dire straights in the past, so I know what it’s like, but really, how hard is it to take a quick look through our things and give away all that we have lying around? There are so many people in need, people we see everyday when dropping off our kids at school, going to the office, or grocery shopping, and these people are truly hurting. And to top it all off, a lot of people are hurting even more because they don’t have anyone to fall back on. No one is there to help carry their load when they get sick or injured, or just need some love. No one, except God that is, who many people do not even acknowledge or are aware that He’s real. I have come to realize that whenever we’re in need, the Lord comes through for us. And this is the time of year when things get even more tight budget-wise, so it’s nice to know we have our Creator looking out for us. I try to remember to pray often, not that He needs us to tell Him what we need, but even just to remind myself that He Provides. There is truly nothing more amazing than knowing His Love, and what better time of year to walk in this truth, than at Christmas? The time of year where we reflect on the birth of Christ, our Saviour, who came into the world that we would have hope. How many people do you know who need hope right now? A miracle? I have a few friends going through cancer treatments right now, who I know need hope, something to hang onto, and I’m praying for them too. And trust me, prayer helps. I hope that you will take the time to give from your heart this season, whether in the form of donations to your local thrift store, or charity, or by helping out a friend through prayer or otherwise. There are so many ways to show God’s Love this season, and any time of year, so God Bless you as you embark on this journey and help to spread love!

Warmest Wishes,